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The new building of the Karin Dom Foundation and Velux Foundation integrates itself into the natural landscape: the three levels blend themselves into the environs and form together a new quarter. The clear lines of the neighboring buildings are taken up and followed up. The building opens up to the main development axis, which forms the entrance zone. By putting it back,  the entrance represents itself as such and invites the visitor to stay. Clearly readable functions of the building create comfort, warmth and safety. We create a place where children, parents and everybody else feel welcome, have fun together, create, play and learn, build independence and make friends. It is to be a place, where early childhood development can happen, where children and families can be supported with regard to integration in kindergarten, school and society and where special services for children with special needs can be offered. A learning space for children, parents, pupils and professionals who engage in learning and research exchanges is given. Trainings, seminars and conferences are just under one roof. The result is a place for events and campaigns, with spirit, kindness and tolerance.




The arrival at the building is via the Western Road, the higher side of the property. The entrance zone allows you to bring and pick up the children without any problems. It continues with the stairwell that connects all floors. The covered arriving via the Western Road builds a safe and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to the main entrance, the doctor’s area can be accessed separately. The generous arrival is continued inside. This is where the direct link to the outdoor area is created. On the ground floor the physiotherapy and bathing world is placed. The registrating, playing and waiting happens here. If you reach the building by car and by that via the underground parking, the central elevator brings you right into the middle of happening. Toilet cores also create a continuous sequence of rooms. Group rooms and therapy rooms are anchored on the first floor. The Montessori center with direct access to the terrace completes the room sequences. The upper floor gives the administration and the seminar rooms their home. Thus, the children are spared the long distances through the new learning and living house. The roof terrace optimally connects the green landscape with the building. Then the stairwell that connects all floors. Inside, the vertical development runs diagonally through the building and thus connects all offer areas as well as over the synergically used game area. The large staircase with the surrounding spacious learning corridors creates space for encounters in the house. Thus, despite the spatial separation of the usage units, a delimitation takes place. The elevator for wheelchair accessible access is centrally located and in the immediate vicinity of the stairs and thus contributes to a good orientation in the building. The differentiation rooms distributed over the building can be spatially separated as required or connected to the neighboring ones.


varna, bulgaria



2690 sqm

children's center








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