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The current redevelopment project is a multi-stage plan for future growth, revivification and expansion. Serving as a meeting point between the art community, the youth, general public, the creative and business sector, the revived center should become a facilitator between innovative artistic thinking, mass culture and industry. NPAK's redevelopment presents an opportunity to create the largest temporary exhibition space in Armenia, which also serves as one of the key cultural, entertainment and educational hubs in Yerevan. Creating multiple platforms for visitor engagement both on local and international levels. Key additions to this as well as the in-house café, book and art store, make it possible that the Center can also operate as an institution that makes contemporary art not only accessible, but also irrevocable part of Armenia's everyday cultural landscape.


To bring the city and surroundings into the building, making it welcoming. A new striking link between the city is to emerge TEACH , TEST, PRESENT, DEVELOP, INNOVATE. The gap between NPAK building and the Administrative building have been cleaned, creating THE ALLEY: an open and public common space between the inside and outside of the building, where shelters also activities and events from NPAK. The program now face THE ALLEY and makes the whole space just one.

open competition

yerevan, armenia

1st place


230 sqm









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