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Taksim is one of the important intersections of the global and the local in Istanbul, and during every period, it has been the square, or “place for everyone and everything”. It has served as a platform for the public’s self-expression throughout all periods, and over time, it has become the city’s most important square, where different sections of society are able to feel at home. Since the 19th century, Taksim has been one of the few places where the city dweller can breathe, while on the other hand, due to its symbolic location and representative aspect, it has been perceived, during every period since the founding of the Republic, as a tool of signification where governments have displayed their power via the space. 

A monumental structure is created on the edge of the park to help to define the space as well as creating a better proportion in relation to the city. Then the green blanket is lifted to create public space under it and in the upper part, the park works as a barrier to the city, creating an escape from the city. The zoned, separated areas are linked by this structure and create short, defined paths to the square.


istambuk, turkey

not retained


17 ha

urban planning








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